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Therapy Matters
Therapeutic Approach

I employ an active, short-term, problem-solving therapy that provides individuals,couples and families with useful techniques to produce the changes they desire. This approach is a collaboration between client and therapist that helps clients attain their personal treatment goals.

This type of  therapy focuses on the present and seeks solutions in the here and now. While a problem's history is important in order to understand its origin and the circumstances that may help maintain it, the past is not the focus. Instead, the brief therapy approach that I use focuses on the strengths that an individual, couple or family brings with them and builds on these assets.

In my experience a practical therapy with clearly defined goals is an important component for solving problems. The strategies to achieve these goals can take a variety of forms and frequently include tasks to be done in between sessions. They might involve reading assignments, activities to enhance existing skills or create new ones, creating lists or monitoring certain information. These assignments are discussed and agreed on before the end of the session and custom designed for the particular goals determined at the outset of therapy. Completion of "homework" can shorten the course of treatment and can provide clients with skills that endure beyond the end of therapy.

Scheduling Appointments

Appointments are scheduled over the telephone or at the end of the current session.

Fees and Payment

Fees for therapy are based on a 50 minute session and due at the end of the session. Longer sessions are prorated on the standard fee. Payment can be made by check, credit card or cash.


I am a "non-participating" provider with most insurance plans. I will provide you with the paperwork you'll need to be reimbursed directly by your insurer at an "out of network" rate.


Therapy typically involves talking about thoughts, feelings and behavior which are private and can be sensitive. You can be assured that the matters we discuss in therapy are protected information. In general, I can't even confirm or deny that you are a patient being treated without your signed release. I won't divulge anything to anyone without your express written permission. This promise is protected by the Ethical Standards for Psychologists and the laws of the State of Maryland.

There are some situations, however, in which I am unable to maintain confidentiality as a matter of law. If someone is a danger to himself or others, I have an obligation to protect people's safety. There are also some specialized circumstances involving litigation during which I may not be able to maintain the confidentiality of the therapy record.

Record keeping is HIPAA Compliant and you will receive a detailed description of the confidentiality procedures that I follow as well as your rights and my duties for the maintenance of  your privacy. After you read through them I will be glad to discuss any questions you have.

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